We Went Vegan

There are many reasons as to why people go vegan, and not one answer is correct. I went vegan for two important reasons. The first was the exploitation of animals. Having emotional attachment to animals made me choose to do so. Animals should have the right to life and freedom. Second, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease back in 2012. I had two major surgeries. After still sticking to a non-vegan diet and taking medication for it, I wasn’t satisfied with how I was feeling or progressing in the direction I wanted to go. 


I went to see my gastro doctor. During my research and discussion with her, I discovered that animal protein was not only related to my disease, but also to many cancers. I immediately made the switch five years ago and never looked back. 

My mother became a vegan because she wanted a change in her dietary habits and wanted to eliminate animal products completely. She also did it for her health. She was taking medication while being a vegetarian and didn’t like how it was affecting her. She made the switch and, after five months, eliminated two medications from her daily intake. 


We’ve seen much improvement in our daily lives since choosing a plant-based diet. We feel stronger and healthier! We also switched for the environment and have seen with our own eyes what we were missing. The benefits of eating a plant-based diet is also beneficial for our health and has a lot of wonderful long-lasting results. We’re both avid animal lovers and hate seeing people abusing animals in any way. So, for those reasons we became vegans.


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