Wicked Treats

Wicked Treatz is a mother-daughter family run business, owned and operated by Bernie and Jill Zimmerman. Having always being aware of animal cruelty, we became vegetarians quite some time ago. Then, after researching how beneficial a vegan diet is to one’s health and the environment, we made the move to a totally vegan diet more than five years ago. 


Having grown up in New York, Whoopie Pies were just one of the many treats available to enjoy. No special occasion was needed. Then when we relocated to NC, we discovered there were no traditional Whoopie Pies to be found. Hence, came the “aha” moment to introduce vegan Whoopie Pies to the South. 


In order for others to experience the flavor and fun of eating a Whoopie Pie, we decided to realize our dream of creating vegan Whoopie Pies. And our business Wicked Treatz was born. We hope you enjoy eating our vegan Whoopie Pies as much as we enjoy baking them for you. All of our Whoopie Pies are made to order, we use all organic ingredients and are products are GMO free. We are now making a limited gluten free line. Whoopie Up! 


We know... These all look amazing!
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