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Vegan Whoopie Pies

What is a 

Whoopie Pie?

A Whoopie Pie is two mound-shaped cakes with a creamy buttercream filling. The classic pie features chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Nowadays, you can find them in all sorts of flavor combinations, mostly sweet and even some savory. 

What is 


Veganism refers to refraining from the use of animal-based or animal-derived products.  Being vegan encompasses a lot more than just the dietary choices. This change in perspective extends to every field of life that involves animal products. Vegans choose to utilize only plant-based products for a variety of reasons, including health concerns, ethical values and/or religious beliefs.

What Makes

Them Vegan?

Whoopie Pies that aren’t vegan consist of eggs, milk, and butter (dairy) 

We vegans substitute those ingredients with dairy-free products. 

As a vegan baker we use the following ingredients.

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Stunning Reviews!

Lelia W.

Tasty AF!

Kid and Parent approved. We absolutely loved the tangy cream cheese filling! 💚💚

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Jack C.

I had the pleasure to try a variety of these delicious whoopie pies and they are amazing. Decadent layers make the outer shells with different cream fillings that are rich and fluffy. I definitely recommend these to anyone who loves a nice sweet treat.

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Robin M.

These Whoopie pies are great!


Made my day.

Unique desserts

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